World Tour, February 23-25, 2023, California

Candace flew out to California to join a reunion of her Berkeley Graduate Alumna at Janet’s Petrified Forest Resort.

I flew out on the 22, Candace picked me up at the airport, and we stayed in an airport hotel. The next day we visited the Groth Winery and then drove up to Janet’s where we stayed, planning to see the Petrified Forest the next day.

But it snowed, power was out, and we basically had to evacuate. So we drove down to Berkeley, walked around Berkeley for a while, then joined Kevin and Maryanne at their house. We stayed with them for several days and they took us for a tour of the Berkeley Botanical Gardens.

Then we drove to the San Francisco airport for our flight to Australia leaving late on February 25.

CP means photo by Candace.

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