The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is sponsoring “Out of the Ashes: Art Emerging from Fallen Trees,” or ”ArtSpires.” Briefly, ash trees are being destroyed by the emerald ash borer. Many are being cut down proactively to protect people and property. The Arts Council is having some of them cut into 5 x 5 inch by 6 foot or 8 x 8 inch by 8 foot timbers which are then decorated by members of the community. There are also some larger chunks available for chain saw art!

I’ve been a member of the Arts Council for several years, but I passed on the first call for “artists” to decorate a timber and make s Spire. I appreciate art, but don’t think of myself as an artist. The idea sort of stuck in my head, and I had a thought for a geometric design somewhat inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. So when the second call came, I volunteered.

I have also created a photo album of the “planted” spires.

Clicking on a photo below brings up a larger version. You can also activate a slide show.

Creating a Spire, July 15 - October 31, 2020