I visited Candace in New York City starting Friday evening, June 30.

We went to the Lincoln Center for Midsummer Swing. For a reasonable ticket price you can get onto the main dance floor. The evening starts with about 45 minutes of instruction and then there are two sets of dance music emphasizing the dances that were part of the instruction. There is also food and drink available.

On Saturday, we took the subway downtown and walked the High Line. This is a linear park made on the remnants of an elevated rail line. It runs from 34th street down to Gansevoort Street (which would be about 11th Street if there were numbered streets there). There are really nice view of the city and the Hudson River.

On Sunday we rented bikes and took a 17 mile ride around Manhattan. From near Candace’s apartment, we rode uptown on the east side, crossed through Harlem (where we had lunch) to the west side, visited Grant’s Tomb, then found the Hudson Bikeway and rode downtown along the Hudson River, then across town through Central park to the bike shop and Candace’s apartment.

Photos from some of our activities are below. Clicking on a photo brings up a larger version. There is also a slide show available.

Visiting Candace in NYC, June 30 - July 2, 2017