Twin Lights Ride, September 17, 2022

Candace and I did the “Twin Lights Ride,” sponsored by Bike New York on Saturday, September 17. The ride starts at Huddy Park, NJ (near Sandy Hook) and has various routes through the Atlantic Highlands and nearby areas of NJ. We did the 55 mile route (other choices: 15, 30, 75, 100 miles).

We wound up with 56.8 miles and 1760 feet of climb. The GPS track of our ride is here.

For the most part, the ride was well organized. The road markings were clear, the rest stops were well stocked (at least when we went by), the provided GPS files were accurate, there were marshals directing traffic at unclear or hazardous intersections. 

The big problem was parking! NY riders came with their bikes on a ferry. NJ riders came with their bikes in their cars. There wasn’t nearly enough parking arranged by Bike New York. We had to scramble to find on-street parking.  Midway through the ride we received a text warning about cars about to be towed from a restaurant parking lot (where we had initially tried to park, but the restaurant let it be known that was not a good idea). What could you do about it if you’re 20 miles away with a bike?

Aside from the parking fiasco, it was a good day and we enjoyed the ride!

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