Sourland Spectacular, September 12, 2015

For several years now, the Sourland Conservancy has been sponsoring a ride, the Sourland Spectacular,   through the Sourlands to raise awareness and money. The Sourlands are a preserved and relatively undeveloped area in central New Jersey.

Since the Sourlands are only a few miles from my home, I ride there a lot and it’s always seemed a little strange to pay to ride there. This year I decided to go ahead and join the ride - there’s a nice lunch at the end!

I chose the 51.8 mile route (other choices were 26.6, 33.0, and 63.5 miles).

While on the course, I came across some colleagues and another one at the finish festival.

I wound up with 52.7 miles (the extra mile is the round trip from the parking lot to the official start and finish) and 2818 ft of climb, almost 300 ft more than the “advertised” climb for this route. The GPS track of the ride is here.