Seattle Trip, June 27 - July 5, 2010

We flew to Seattle on Sunday, June 27, where we met Ed’s brother Rick and Julie who live in Kent, Washington, and our daughter Amy who was living in Seattle at the time. Rick and Julie treated us to a play in downtown Seattle and then we stayed with them for several days. Among other highlights, Rick took us to Mt. Rainier National Park.

On Wednesday, June 30, we returned to Seattle and checked in to the Red Lion hotel so Jane (now Blossom) could attend the 171st convention of the National Puzzlers’ League, which formally ran from July 1 to about noon on July 4. During the con, Amy visited to keep Ed company and out of trouble!

Some miscellaneous things that happened on the trip: Ed’s hearing aid became flaky and didn’t work at low atmospheric pressure: on the airplane or in Mt. Rainier National Park. Also, Ed came down with a toothache. Rick got him in to see his dentist who diagnosed the problem and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. The final cure was two root canals after we returned home

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