Phil, Katy, and Irene's 70th birthdays, July 4-6, 2013

Phil and Katy Crane, whom we’ve known since 1970, and their next door neighbor and friend for over 30 years, Irene Hoskins, are all celebrating 70th birthdays in 2013. They threw a party over the July 4th weekend at their homes in Belmont, Vermont. 

Jane and I, with our bike and trike, drove there on the morning of the 4th. That evening there was an open Bar, a Dutch treat dinner, and fireworks at the Landgrove Inn. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos there.

The actual party was Friday evening with a catered dinner followed by dancing to live music.

On Saturday, Belmont had its Independence Day parade. Jane and I rode our trike in the parade. Both we and the trike were patriotically decorated. After the parade, we and other guests hung out with the Cranes and Hoskins and then helped them with the party leftovers at dinner that evening.

We returned home Sunday after a great weekend!