On September 8, Candace and I and Karen, the organizer of the FANY ride, rode in the Transportation Alternatives 30th and last New York Century Ride. We did the 55 mile route and wound up with 60.4 miles. We rode cross town and back between the route and Candace’s apartment which accounts for most of the extra mileage. Since it was to be the last NYC Century, we decided to do it on our vintage bikes. Mine was the 1972 Raleigh Sports that Jane gave me for Christmas, 1972, restored to working order starting a year ago, and Candace’s was her 1978 Raleigh Super Course which she’s been riding since it was new in 1978.

I recorded the ride with the ridewithgps.com app on my phone. The ride track is here; it wasn’t as wobbly as it looks - sometimes the GPS reception is blocked or ghosted by buildings and other tall structures. Also, ridewithgps gets the elevation from topographic maps which don’t give the correct elevations for bridges (they generally give the elevation of whatever the bridge is crossing).

Clicking on a photo below brings up a larger version. You can also activate a slide show.

New York Century Ride, September 8, 2019