On  Saturday, September 11,  I drove my bike (the 1972 Raleigh Sports, internal 3-speed hub) to Manhattan where I stayed with Candace. On Sunday, September 12, we rode the NYC Century. Candace used her vintage Raleigh Super Course (10 speed derailleur shifting), so we had a pair of vintage bikes. Pretty much the only hills on this ride are the bridge ramps, so a 3 speed is adequate!

We rode the “last NYC Century” in 2019. Turns out it was the last century ride sponsored by Transportation Alternatives. Their ride planner, Bike Guy Glen, has formed his own company to run organized bike tours and this was one of his first ventures (if not the first!). We chose the 55 mile route which was basically the route we had ridden in 2019 with Karen of the FANY ride.

The GPS track of the ride is here. We didn’t ride to the start, but intercepted the route on the West Side. Also. the squiggly crosstown line at the beginning is because the GPS receiver was having a hard time getting satellite lock at the start.

On Monday, I was supposed to drive home. But the van had overheated in Manhattan traffic by the time I had arrived at Candace’s apartment and I had to have it towed.  We took NJ transit home and I came back into NYC on Wednesday to get the repaired car and retrieve the bike!

The rest of the story is in the pictures below.

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NYC Century Ride, September 12, 2021