Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-27, 2013

The main street of Hopewell Boro is Broad Street. There’s a small theater in town called the “Off Broadstreet Theater.” Get it? It’s a dessert theater. You arrive before the play starts, have dessert and watch the play while you’re finishing dessert. We had reservations to see “Violet Sharp,” a play about the Lindbergh kidnapping and especially about one of Lindbergh’s mother-in-law’s maids, Violet Sharp.  Of course, the kidnapping took place right in this area, so there’s a lot of local interest.

We made reservations for Sunday, May 26, for the matinee at 1:30. Then we noticed that there would be a Memorial Day Parade on Sunday at 1:00. The parade route would completely block access to the theater. After some panic, we decided to get to town early, have brunch at the Hopewell Valley Bistro and Inn, watch part of the parade and then head to the theater. The play didn’t start until 2:30, so we could actually see a lot of the parade.

Most of the photos below are of the parade. A few at the end are from my bike ride on Monday, May 27.