Florence-Lisbon Trip, July 5-19, 2022, Part 1

Candace and I took a trip to Europe, mainly so Candace could attend a Law and Society Conference in Lisbon, but really for a vacation. We flew to Milan starting on July 5 and arriving on July 6. (This plane was about 2.5 hours late.) Then we took a train from the airport and another to Florence where we stayed in an apartment for two days and then moved to the Casa G hotel which was almost brand new.

When we exited the Florence train station, we tried to get a taxi, but taxis were on strike! So we took a bus, but misunderstood the directions and got off too soon, so we had a walk to the apartment. Apparently this put us in the mood to walk because we walked everywhere in Florence.

We toured Florence from July 7 -11 which included a train trip to Pisa on July 11. On July 12,  we took the two trains back to the airport and flew to Lisbon (2 hours late). We spent one night in a hotel near the airport and then moved to the conference hotel, the Marriott. We took cabs and trains in Lisbon but still did a lot of walking. The first few days were mainly conference days, but we did get out for some sight seeing. Once the conference was over, we had a couple of days to check out Lisbon and then we moved to a resort across the Tagus River for two more days.

We flew back on July 19 - only 5 hours late.  Seeing the problems with lost baggage on the news, we decided to do only carry-ons and only non-stops. So all our luggage arrived with us!

This part has photos from Florence, July 6-8, 2022. CP = Candace Photo.

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