Felling a Dead Tree, October 19-20, 2013

Another one of our Austrian pines (which are all suffering from some kind of disease) died this year. I decided I could probably handle the job of cutting it down. This includes cutting up the branches and putting them out next to the street for pickup as “brushy waste,” and cutting up the trunk and taking the logs back to the “waiting to be split” pile by the shed. This is all done with a 16 inch electric chain saw. The base of the trunk was about 20 inches! The tree was probably a bit over 50 feet tall. (Rungs in the ladder are 1 foot apart.)

I figured i could do this Saturday afternoon. I started about 12:30 and quit when it got dark at 6:30. Sunday I started at 10 and just finished by the time it got dark at 6:30. House and yard chores always seem to take longer than you think!