Fall Colors Ride, October 31, 2015

On Saturday, October 31, we had a Fall Colors Ride from Washington’s Crossing to Frenchtown and back along the trail next to the Delaware River. The entire ride was on the trail except the first and last miles were on River Drive through Titusville and on the way back, we rode the shoulder of Route 29 between Frenchtown and Bulls Island. Our total for the day was 45.6 miles.

We made stops at the wing dam about a mile south of Lambertville, at Bulls Island and at Frenchtown. On the way back we had lunch at the Lambertville station in Lambertville. Of course, there were miscellaneous stops to get the group back together.

It was a beautiful day but quite chilly to start - around freezing, warming up to the mid 50s or so by the afternoon. When we started fog was rising from the river; so much that sometimes we couldn’t see Pennsylvania.

Participants: Ed Witten, professor at the IAS, Chiara Nappi, emeritus professor in the physics department. Katerina Visnjic, lecturer, Morgan Hedges, postdoc, Mark Ioffe and Sanjay Moudgalya, grad students, Mike Phillips, consultant, and me, Ed Groth, emeritus professor.

The GPS track of our ride is on ridewithgps.com. Note that the elevation jumped while we having a coffee break in Frenchtown. There isn’t really an 8.4% grade on this ride!

The rest of the story is in the photos below. Clicking on a photo brings up a larger version.