Fall Colors Ride, October 25, 2014

On Saturday, October 25, we had a Fall Colors Ride. Riders included Chiara Nappi, emeritus professor in the physics department, Ed Witten, professor at the IAS, Susan Duncan, astrophysics department manager, Susan’s friend Lance, Morgan Hedges, post-doc in the physics department, Omelan Stryzak, lecture coordinator for the physics department, Stephane Cooperstein and Justin Ripley, graduate students in the physics department, and me, Ed Groth, professor in the physics department.

We started at Washington’s Crossing, rode a mile on River Drive through Titusville, then switched to the towpath/rail trail next to the Delaware and Raritan Feeder Canal and rode that through Lambertville, Stockton, Prallsville Mills, and Bulls Island, to Frenchtown. On the way back, we rode Route 29 (River Road) where it has a wide shoulder from Frenchtown to Bulls Island, then crossed the Delaware River to Lumberville, Pennsylvania and rode the tow path of the Delaware Canal to New Hope, PA. There are a few bone shaker sections on this tow path! We crossed back to Lambertville, NJ and had lunch at the Lambertville Station. After lunch we rode the tow path and River Drive back to the parking lot at Washington’s Crossing.

It was a beautiful day, somewhat chilly when we started, but warming up as the day went along.

An interactive map of the ride is on ridewithgps.com.