Ed’s Retirement Celebration, June 6-7, 2014

On June 7, 2014, the physics department threw a retirement celebration for me. It turns out I had one more year of half time teaching, but it was a good time for the celebration as there was a meeting in Boston just before which allowed some of the participants to combine two events in one trip.

The evening before, Jane and I hosted a wine and cheese for the out of town guests with some locals to help  entertain.

The main event, on Saturday, was held in the atrium and auditorium of the Frick Chemistry building, recently constructed next to Jadwin. It’s quite an attractive venue. The day was filled with talks (serious and not so serious) by colleagues. Then there was a cocktail hour, dinner and a roast (although most of the roasts were too nice to be considered roasts!).

The photos below are by Ed, our daughter Amy, and Ted Lewis. Rather than interleave the photos in time order (too hard!), I’ve left them in groups by photographer.

I confess I was a bit dubious about having a retirement celebration, but it turned out great and I really enjoyed seeing colleagues from throughout my career! Thanks to all who made the trip to Princeton or sent good wishes. Special thanks to Jim Peebles, Angela Lewis, and Regina Savadge for organizing and running the celebration and to Lyman Page and the physics department for sponsoring the celebration.