Candace’s Mom Beverly, holder of season tickets for the Cleveland Indians games, invited us out to Cleveland to see the Phillies play the Indians over the weekend of September 20-23. Candace flew out Friday and watched the Friday night game. I flew out Saturday. Candace, her daughter Gwen and I did the “Cleveland Bike Tour” on Saturday afternoon.  Then we visited with Candace’s mom Saturday evening and Sunday. On Sunday evening, we went to the ball game Beverly and Gwen. We flew back east on Monday.

I recorded the ride Cleveland Bike Tour with the app on my phone. The ride track is here; it wasn’t as wobbly as it looks - sometimes the GPS reception is blocked or ghosted by buildings and other tall structures. Also, ridewithgps gets the elevation from topographic maps which don’t give the correct elevations for bridges (they generally give the elevation of whatever the bridge is crossing). Finally, I forgot to start recording at the beginning of the ride. It was a complete loop of about 4.5 miles.

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Cleveland Trip, September 20-23, 2019