Calimesa Concert, August 7, 2014

Jane and I took a trip to California, August 5-10, 2014. From the 5th through the 8th, we visited Jane’s sister in Banning, California. On the 8th and 9th we visited Jason Rhodes and Alina Kiessling for their wedding on the 9th. On the tenth, we returned home.

During the summer, Calimesa (two freeway exists to the west of Julie) hosts Thursday evening concerts at the golf course. The concerts are free and before the concert there is a nice dinner in the club house for $10. Julie and her friends regularly go to these dinners and concerts, so we went too. The concert we heard was by the True Willie Band, a Willie Nelson tribute band. Sometimes it was hard to tell it wasn’t the real Willie Nelson! Some pictures from the concert are below.