AA Tour, February 18-21, 2024, Antarctica III

Between January 29-March 1, 2024, Candace and I toured Argentina and Antarctica, our AA Tour.

On February 18 and 19, we were still on the Seabourn Venture, cruising down the Antarctic Peninsula. On February 20 and 21 we went back through the Drake Passage to Ushuiai. We stayed on the Venture on the 21st and flew to el Calafate on the 22. Most of the passengers flew back to Buenos Aires. There were about a half dozen that went somewhere else.

Typically, we’d board zodiacs - small motorboats that carry 8 or 12 passengers.  The  zodiacs would take us close to the shore and usually allow us to get off and walk around the landing area. There were usually two “expeditions” each day.

CP means photo by Candace.

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