FANY Ride, Day 2, July 25, 2016

Monday, we rode from Batavia to Canandaigua. It was very wet including some heavy downpours. There were lots of flats. I had a rear tire flat from a sharp piece of glass. Thanks to Jill (SAG 1) for stopping by and especially for the floor pump she was carrying! A while later my tire was soft. I filled it about three times and limped into camp. The first priority was repairing this second flat and finding out why I got a second one. As it turned out, the replacement tube was punctured in the same spot as the original tube. Close inspection showed I failed to get all the glass out of the tire the first time. I hate having to fix the same problem twice!

Followed the cue sheet and had 70.7 miles and 2682 feet of climb.